You will need to submit 4 slides for the Job

You will need to submit 4 slides for the Job Map deliverable (due on May 15th at 8pm PT). You can follow the format provided in the “Template” PPT, or you can use your own format. But you’ll need to cover all of the components listed in the Template.

A high level summary:

  1. Slide 1: An overview of the job and customer:
    • A definition of the “job to be done” within this project
    • A one-sentence description of the customer
  2. Slide 2: A description of your discovery methods (must include at least two interviews)
  3. Slide 3: A job map
  4. Slide 4: A list of ranked outcome statements from the process

Please reference the Job Map slides (Links to an external site.) in the project overview (slides 2 through 7) for content, formatting suggestions, and rubric.

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