Value Proposition Memo Purpose The purpose of this assignment is


Value Proposition Memo 

View of flow chart sketches on napkins.


The purpose of this assignment is to explain value proposition for a product or service. This connects to course learning outcomes of helping you identify the role of marketing in creating, communicating, and delivering value for customers, and applying the concepts of value proposition and positioning to a product or service.   

Assignment Task Overview 

As a marketing consultant, you have been asked by one of the following streaming service companies to provide a one-page memo, casually known in marketing as a “Back of the Napkin” concept. This memo will explain the value proposition from an outsider’s perspective. Consider the internal and external environment as well as the company’s competition to demonstrate your unique selling position.  

You will use 150 words or less to create a short memo to management and images to communicate your value proposition. At the bottom of your memo, you will include a “back of the napkin image” to illustrate your value proposition.  This original illustration you create can be added as a picture within your document or using the Word document tools to create a visual aid.  Your memo and illustration will display how your product or service solves a problem for the consumer. You do not have to be an artist. You will need an idea and the ability to summarize. You will submit a single page Word document with the memo and image along with a second reference page. The illustration must go inside the memo document so that only one file is submitted. Be sure that your proposition is clear and concise. Follow the instructions below.   

You will be using this value proposition to develop a message campaign later in the course. 


Step 1: Choose one of the following products or services.  There are four category options from which you can choose.  Choose just one from any category that interests you the most.

Streaming Services Category

  1. Apple TV+
  2. Disney+ 
  3. Sling TV 
  4. Peacock 

Clean Energy/Sustainable Products Category

  1. Philips Hue Smart Bulbs
  2. Tesla Solar panels
  3. The Refill Shoppe
  4. Amazon Smart Thermostat

Customizable Deliveries Category

  1. Stitch Fix
  2. Daily Harvest
  3. Birchbox
  4. KiwiCo
  5. Tovala

Step 2: Determine the value proposition for your chosen product or service. Create a memo and images to communicate the Value Proposition. 

· What is the value proposition for your product or service?  Focus on offerings for customers in the U.S. market only. 

· What makes a good value prop?

Value Proposition Chart

·Present your value proposition ideas using 150 words or less and appropriate images of your choice. 

·Sample Professional Memo: 

Step 3: Format your submission to comply with these technical requirements. 

One page is the maximum length of the value proposition. If you are nearing the length maximum, but have more to convey, work on editing your submission for writing effectiveness. 

Your ideas and work must be original. You may not copy a value proposition from any source even if you cite that source. You may not reuse an assignment or example from this course, a prior course, or any other session of this course if you are retaking the course. 

Your submission must also include a reference list in APA. The reference list is not part of the 150 words, and the reference list can be placed on a second page of the document. 

Cite to the product/service website and the sources for any images used on the reference list. 

This assignment does not require a cover page. 

See the rubric for grading guidelines. Week 2 – Written Assignment Memo Rubric


Questions about this assignment are welcome in the “Ask the Professor” area of the classroom. 

It is your responsibility to check your document and make sure you have submitted the correct one for this assignment. The last document you submit prior to the deadline is the one that will be graded. 


Roam, D. (2008). The back of the napkin: Solving problems and selling ideas with pictures. 

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