Unit VII Research Paper Weight: 14% of course grade Instructions Final Paper For

Unit VII Research Paper

  • Weight: 14% of course grade
Instructions Final Paper

For your final research paper submission, you are to complete the research paper that you have been working toward in previous units of the course (i.e., Unit I Topic Selection, Unit III Literature Review, and Unit V Research Paper).

For this submission, you will compile the work that you submitted in Units III and V into a single document, and you will add the components listed below to complete your final research paper:

  • a title page,
  • an introduction,
  • a brief summary of the impact of historical epidemiologic research on your topic,
  • ethical considerations surrounding your topic,
  • a brief discussion of the etiology of your topic,
  • a description of the elements of causality for your topic using Hill’s criteria, and
  • a summary.

Make certain that you integrate your previous work (submitted in Units III and V) in a sensible and organized way in order for the final research paper to flow seamlessly from one section to another. You should use section headings as a way to keep your paper visually organized.

Based on how they fit into your particular research topic, make certain that the areas below are addressed.

  • Describe historical antecedents of epidemiology.
  • Explain elements of causality and how they impacted your research.
  • Explain Hill’s criteria for evaluation of epidemiologic associations.

Your research paper must contain at least five scholarly references that support the argument surrounding your topic.

Your research paper must be at least six pages in length (not counting the title and references pages). Adhere to APA Style when constructing this assignment, and include in-text citations and references for all sources that are used.

The following Writing Center tutorials may be helpful as you construct your final research paper:

A transcript for each tutorial is available by clicking the Notes tab to the right of the display screen.


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