Topic: Juvenile delinquency (Outline)

● Make sure your whole document is inMLA format, including the header and

heading in the correct placement. This was addressed in previous videos. (I

believe the one for the works cited if you need to check.)

● Use the bulleted/numbered system shown in the video (I, A, 1 scaffolding), and

get the outline set upwith at least three planned paragraphs containing

multiple pieces of evidence. Keep inmind that three is the bareminimum, not

guaranteeing a good grade. Your thesis statement is what really determines

your number of body paragraphs, and your conclusion is a restated thesis

statement at this stage.

● Each body paragraphmust have aminimum of three pieces of evidence from

your two sources (Anecdotal evidence and personal opinion is not evidence in

academic writing.) The evidence and the in-text citations with the

corresponding works cited pagemust be in the document and in the correct

place for credit. This ensures the best chance for not plagiarizing later.

● Submit your outline for your 300-word ormore comparison and contrast paper.