This session, we discussed ethical theories where the focus is

This session, we discussed ethical theories where the focus is not on distinct principles (for example, utilitarianism rests on the principle of utility) but on more general ideas of ensuring care, capabilities, or developing virtues.  This session, we also discussed sex, gender, and sexuality. Look at this recent story: 

Answer one of this question:

  1. What might one of the ethical theories we discussed this session (capabilities approach, virtue ethics, care ethics, or feminist ethics and Critical Theories of Identity) say about this case? Would one of these theories support the Boy Scout’s decision to exclude this child from its organization? Should independent groups like the Boy Scouts of American be able to decide who can join?

  1. First define/explain the theory/idea–this is the WHAT. You need to explain WHAT an ethical theory says.
  2. You should then try to get at WHY the theory says this. Answer the questions: why is this important? Why does this idea have significance? What should we pay attention to? How is this idea distinct from other ideas?
  3. Finally, APPLY this analysis to the case/action at hand. What does this idea/theory/principle tell us to do in this case we are looking at? This will likely require making some arguments—support what you say with reasons and evidence.
  • Your answer should be a minimum of 300 words. Include a word count at the end of your initial post.
  • Draw from our text and reading, using quotes and showing your knowledge of the readings. You can give page numbers from the text, and if you use any additional sources (which is not required), you should give a full citation.
  • At the end of your answer, you will pose a question for another student. This question should invite discussion, not simply a “yes/no” response.

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