Upper management has been watching and is impressed by the work you have done as project lead to gather information for this departmental expansion project. Your administrator passes along their request that you use your skills in project management to explain health care facility design project management by creating a proposal of what this project might look like. They want to know the sequentially ordered steps of implementation, including how long each step will take. Furthermore, as a salute to the remarkable job you have done, they are asking you to join the hospital’s services expansion committee as its facility planning expert.


The Gantt chart is a widely accepted graphical tool for planning, presenting, and tracking complex projects. Use the information and template from Microsoft’s Present Your Data in a Gantt Chart in Excel site to learn how to develop a Gantt chart.

We have seen a proliferation of project planning software available for free, either on a trial or basics-only basis. Research and choose a project planning software tool of your choice (e.g., Trello, ClickUp, and Choose 1 app that you can use as a demo for the services expansion committee. 

Assessment Deliverable

Create a Gantt chart to display the relationships among the tasks to be completed. You might think back to the Wk 1 Summary: Facility Selection and Research assignment on the five project process groups.

Use your chosen project planning software tool to outline the planning, design, and construction of your facility. 

Using a document as a medium to lay out your project proposal components, assemble your Gantt chart graphic and screenshots from your project planning software tool of the analysis of the flow of your completed facility project.   

Include a 175- to 350-word summary that explains your approach to your chosen health care facility design project management proposal. 

Submit your assessment.