Routines and schedules child development week 4

Children need time each day to play, read, eat, interact, and engage with the world around them. Designing effective schedules that incorporate effective routines helps promote children’s development and learning. This assignment will focus on creating a schedule that is flexible but meets children’s need for routine and play.

The Assignment

Read all content within the Virtual Lab School module. This content relates to preschool schedules and routines. 


Once you have completed all the informational reading you will complete a preschool daily schedule. In order to design this schedule you will:

1. Use the attached daily schedule for this assignment (located in the resources)

2. Watch the “A Day in Preschool” video under the SEE section of the VLS module.

· While watching the video be sure to take notes in the areas of free-choice time, outdoor time, large-group time, small-group time, transitions, and routines. These terms will need to be noted on your schedule.

· You will want to note the specific blocks of time that are included in the daily schedule

· You will also want to take notes on what activities are occurring during the allotted time frames

· Lastly, what are the benefits and skills that are gained during each of these blocks of time?

 3. You will use your notes to complete the provided daily schedule. Your schedule should follow the blocks of times, activities and objectives directly from the video: The first time block has been filled in as an example. You should not be making your own schedule 🙂

Grading Criteria

10 points- Original document is used

20 points- Time slots are filled in for a complete schedule

30 points- Activities included in the daily schedule are noted

30 points- Objectives are noted for each time slot

10 points- Free-choice time, outdoor time, large-group time, small-group time are noted in the daily schedule

*points are deducted for grammar and spelling



Chapter 8 in our text

Virtual Lab School Module: 

Schedule template: