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  Resources: City of Kelsey, Stakeholder Power Base, Growth in the


Resources: City of Kelsey, Stakeholder Power Base, Growth in the City of Kelsey documents, City of Kelsey Profile, and Learning Team Toolkit.

Throughout this course, you have prepared to build a stakeholder power base to implement new policies, such as tax increases and water conservation methods, as part of the water sustainability plan. You have taken on the role of various city leaders, such as acting as the city’s Council members, and provided important leadership considerations for the mayor in preparing to implement the plan.

In the final assignment, you build on your previous experiences. You will create a memo from the mayor to the government stakeholders and the city’s municipal structure to communicate the importance of a strategic plan to implement changes. Once you write the memo, you will create the strategic plan, which will outline how you intend to develop a stakeholder power base.


  • Determine which leadership theories should be applied to mitigate issues and develop the stakeholder power base
  • Include how the mayor may leverage the municipal structure to maximize power and encourage stakeholder buy-in.

I need at least 100 words per question. The resources to these two questions are at the top. You should be able to click on the link and it takes you to the reading. 

Need it in APA style format with at least 1 reference. 


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