Reaction Action Paper

Pick one of the articles

Part 1

Describe the article. 

1.      Theory

2.      Population

3.      Method/Analysis

4.      Results

5.      Limitations

Part 2

Your reaction to article

1.      Is the article/framework sound?

2.      Are there better/different methods that could be used to better answer the research question?

3.      How would you address the linitations based on your knowledge?

4.      What are the next steps of the research would you pursue?

Two articles to choose from (Choose one for paper)

      Neill-Gubitz, H., Graves, J.M., & Barbosa-Leiker, C. (2022). Availability of Health Care Services and Medications for Opioid Use Disorder in Carceral Facilities in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved 33(1), 407-418.

Espinoza, J.C., Chen, A.M., Deavenport-Saman, A., Solomon, O., Ponce, A., Sikder, A., … Yin, L. (2021). Wearable Devices Decrease Attrition among Families Participating in an Obesity Intervention at a Federally Qualified Health Center. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved 32(2), 13-24.

1.      Paper must be your reaction of the article- an be in the first person voice.

2.      No title paper.

3.      Reference page must be at minimal because it’s your reaction .

4.      Double space

5.      1’ margins

6.      APA format

7.      5 pages