PSYC 775 Teaching Scenarios Assignment Instructions Overview The purpose of the Teaching Scenarios

PSYC 775

Teaching Scenarios Assignment Instructions


The purpose of the
Teaching Scenarios Assignment is to apply what you have learned about handling classroom dynamics and challenging situations. You will gain experience exploring possible responses to potential classroom dilemmas. Considering hypothetical issues now will help you develop a plan for handling real-life situations that may arise if you enter into a future teaching career. This assignment will also provide an opportunity to gain experience with grading hypothetical student work.


For the
Teaching Scenarios Assignment, you will complete and submit the
Teaching Scenarios Worksheet located in
Teaching Scenarios Assignment section within Canvas. This answer sheet contains two parts:

In Part I, various hypothetical classroom/student scenarios will be provided. For each scenario, you must provide:

· A description of an appropriate response you could have as a professor in that particular situation.

· An explanation of why you would handle the situation in that manner.

· Research support for the appropriateness of your response. Research can be from course materials (i.e., the textbook or article readings) or from outside academic material you find (academic books and peer-reviewed articles only). Outside material must have been published within the last
seven years. If using the textbook, the most helpful material will be found in Chapter 6. If there is a situation for which you disagree with the suggestions in the academic literature, feel free to explain why your response may not match up with the cited material. You must include at least one research citation for each answer to earn full credit.

While there is no official length requirement for your answers, you should aim for about 3-5 sentences (answers can be single spaced). In some situations, there may not be a perfect answer/response, and this is fine as long as you can adequately explain the reasoning behind your answer and support it with research.

In Part II, you will be grading hypothetical student work using a provided rubric. You will read the hypothetical student answer and complete the rubric by indicating points earned for each criterion, as well as total points earned. You will also be required to leave an instructor comment. This comment must include:

· Positive feedback

· Constructive feedback

· A list of all APA errors found

Be sure to include a reference page in current APA format at the end of your assignment for any sources used in Part I.

Submit your
Teaching Scenarios Worksheet as a Word document.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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