Gravity-driven erosional agents include

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Gravity-driven erosional agents include ____

A. water and wind

B. wind and glacial ice

C. water, glacial ice, and wind

D. water and glacial ice

Expert Answer

Erosional agents are those GEOMORPHIC AGENTS which play major role in denudational process also known as leveling of the Earth's surface. Denudation is a continuous process comprises two different term of EROSION + DEPOSITION = Denudation.

There are mainly five geomorphic agents which involve in denudational process.

  1. Running water ( Rivers) Fluvial process.
  2. Underground Water action ( Karst Topography)
  3. Glacier action
  4. Wave action ( Coastal Region)
  5. Aeoline process ( Wind erosion)

Wind action is more active in desert region having more strong erosional force. They erode the bare rock surface and forms erosional landforms , where sand are deposited due to deflation, there is formed deposition landforms. wind action is more strong and erosive due to its high velocity and intense heat in desert region, not due to EFFECT OF GRAVITY.

​​​​​​Even wind has too much hot in desert that accomodates upliftment from the surface hence, experience less gravitational effect.

Wave action and associated landforms are the result of hydrolic action ( Joint force of air and water ) that cause massive erosion on the coast. It is more about erosion by joint action of wind and water rather than gravitational influences. Landforms such as cliff, wave cut caves, stacks, pillars ect.are formed under intense erosive action not due to gravity.

Some deposition features like beach, bars are formed due to swash and backwash effect and Depositions of sands.

Glacial ice or action that is done by moving of Glaciers is most effected under GRAVITY. The movement of glaciers starts under the influence of pressure asserted to the below surface that results into increase in temperature from bottom and melting down of ice. The further movement is caused by GRAVITATION influences and glacier starts creeping . Movement of such glaciers cause huge erosional in the valley where they creep and forms different landforms erosional and depositional in nature.

Running Water or River forms different landforms erosional and depositional in nature. Huge mass of water in valley carry huge amount of sediments in lower section of river causes high lateral erosion and formed U-Shaped valley. It also results into WIDENING OF RIVER VALLEY.

The effect of gravity, velocity of river water and presence of sediments cause intense erosion in upper section or in young stage of river. But in middle portion , due to huge sedimention carried by river and resulted Gravitation effect, we see some deposition features. At last , in lower potion or old age of river, there is only depositional features .

Hence, we can say that, water and glacial ice the most important gravity-Driven erosional agents.