Paper Option 3: Develop a project entitled: “The Faces of

Paper Option 3: Develop a project entitled: “The Faces of Social Problems.” Photograph or download 10 images that represent social problems. For each image, give a brief bit of information defining and explaining the problem. This information should come from the textbook and class notes. You may use any format you choose, but again, you should have at least 2.5 pages of text (not including pictures). Use information from the text book and class notes to discuss what you have learned about social problems. Make use of theories and concepts from the course. You may also use any relative outside sources. You do not need formal citations from your sources, but make sure you mention them. (25 points).

IMPORTANT: KEEP IN MIND: For full credit, papers must contain text that is double-spaced with 12 point font and one inch margins. Length must be at least 2 and a half pages to receive full credit, so you might want to write a bit more just to be safe. Remember, 2 and a quarter or 2 and a third are not adequate page lengths. Also, papers should be free of grammatical errors, so if you have not taken English composition classes, you might want to work with the online English Lab for assessment before turning in your work. Papers should be free of typos, so please proofread carefully. Remember, effort is always apparent in a written work, and effort counts!

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