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In Unit 1, we were introduced to police administration, the

In Unit 1, we were introduced to police administration, the nature of police work, police goals and systems, and organizational tasks.

For your Unit 1 Complete section assignment, write an essay (minimum of 1,200 words and at least three scholarly sources) in which you address the questions below.  Your essay should also incorporate both the READ and ATTEND sections of Unit 1 and you MUST cite your sources in APA format.

  • Describe the four dimensions of community policing.  What is the effect each of these four dimensions have on police administration?
  • Read Case Study 3, “Strategic Planning in Spokane, Washington.” Provide a thorough description of Chief Mangan’s approach to organizational change and community policing. Was he successful?
  • Officers make many decisions on a daily basis that are based on policies or laws. However, there are many occasions when the officer has the ability to use discretion. What are the reasons officers will exercise discretion? What other factors affect an officer’s decision? Since all officers may apply discretionary powers in a different way, should the ability to exercise discretion be taken away?
  • What activities do you think of when you think of the nature of police work? Since police work has been fictionally glamorized in television series, books, and movies, do you believe it has helped the image of police officers or has it possibly harmed or hampered the abilities of the police to do their jobs without criticism.
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