In a world controlled by technology, the internet is something


In a world controlled by technology, the internet is something that has become a staple of any business. You have a range of options on how you choose to connect to the internet. DSL was one of the first options, carrying data through telephone lines, next came cable that uses buried ground lines serviced by cable companies. WiMax entered the industry around 2001 and uses wireless technology to carry data. Fiber is the newest technology, utilizing modulated light pulses.

In terms of security, DSL and cable are relatively equal as they are simple copper wires that can be tapped into with easily available equipment. WiMax is the least secure technology as wireless signals are easier to intercept than having to tap into a physical line. Fiber is the most secure option as it is expensive to get equipment for attempting to tap into and decode the data. The best security option is to protect your data inside your network and secure packets for transfer over the internet. You can use firewalls to ensure that your company’s data isn’t accessed without authorization in your network and encryption for when you transmit packets over your chosen connection medium.

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