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 Evaluate a Case in Public Personnel Management Instructions This week,

 Evaluate a Case in Public Personnel Management Instructions This week, you have the task of analyzing a case study entitled, Louisiana and Vision 2020. In your evaluation, avoid summarizing the case. Instead, analyze the case critically and assess how it pertains to this week’s readings. Refer to the Guide to a Successful Case Study Analysis for additional guidance. Remember, excellent analyses are a combination of critical and analytical thoughts connected to greater themes presented in the readings – and this is not an easy task. Be sure to include the following required elements in your assignment: Briefly describe what you consider two or three major (primary) and integrative points of issues contained in the readings. Explain how these points or issues integrate with the material covered in the class thus far and explain their relevance to you. Provide a brief description of the questions/challenges you have regarding the readings and explain why they are important. Explain why the case is noteworthy. Explain how it pertains to the assigned readings (i.e., complements, contradicts, extends the readings). Identify the implications for you as the newly hired Director of Personnel Administration for Public Organization X. As you complete your analysis, keep the following questions in mind: How might you coordinate such efforts across agencies, industries, and sectors? What state agencies might be tasked with implementing the workforce-training benchmarks? What roles might secondary and postsecondary education have in advancing toward the workforce-training benchmarks? How might community and technical colleges contribute to achieving these benchmarks? What benefits might you champion as ensuing from the achievement of workforce-training goals for the state? What, if any, other benchmarks might be affected by achieving a more educated and better-trained workforce in the state? Do not include the following in your analysis: A summary of the readings A detailed description of the case Any editorials Length: 6 pages, not including title and reference pages References: Include a minimum of 15 scholarly resources. Your assignment should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. 

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