ENGL 102

Summary-Response Assignment 3

Essay Assignment

Using your ideas from last week’s assignment, write your essay first draft. Follow your outline and write at least five paragraphs (about 3 pages double spaced). 

Include a “References” list on your last page in APA style with the main article you read and summarized, and at least one other source you used.

Make sure you include these main parts in your essay:

Introduction paragraph – Summary of main article you read from the week 3 writing assignment; thesis statement (agree or disagree with the article)

All body paragraphs – Topic sentence that supports thesis; evidence and examples using sources (main article and your research) and your own ideas. Make sure each paragraph focuses on what specific type of support, or topic, for your thesis statement.

Conclusion – Restate your main ideas; give a final opinion, suggestion, or prediction

Bibliography – 2-3 sources including your main article. Use 
Purdue Owl or
 Citation Machine if you need help with writing this.

Use APA to the best of your abilities. You will have a chance to make corrections on APA style for your final draft though. A title page is optional for now.

Summary-Response Assignment – Final Draft

Look at the feedback from last week’s assignment. Write your final draft by making improvements in organization, development, and grammar. Use APA style and include a title page.

Here is an APA style essay you can use to check for formatting: