Early 20th Century OR Mid-20th Century.

 Answer the following question about Trifles (Glaspell). Be sure to use specific examples (quotes) from the book to support your ideas, and answer all parts of each question thoroughly. Explain the significance of the play’s title – how does it relate to the dramatic irony in the play? Include at least 2 quotes from the play to support your ideas. How does the setting of the play contribute to our understanding of Minnie Wright’s life? Include at least 2 quotes from the play to support your ideas. Identify and explain 2 symbols in the play, and explain how symbolism relates to themes in the play. Include at least 2 quotes from the play to support your ideas. OR Choose 3 poems by Gwendolyn Brooks, and analyze how Brooks uses imagery to reveal themes in each poem. Include at least 2 quotes from each poem to support your ideas. Requirements Your initial response should be at least 2 paragraphs (5-8 sentences each). Make sure you do a thorough job of supporting your ideas with direct evidence (quotes/explanation) from the essay. You must respond to 2 classmates’ posts in a substantive way, and choose at least one post that addressed a different topic from the one you chose.You should address the ideas within your classmates’ post and comment on those ideas. Avoid critiquing the writing, grammar, organization and MLA style. Your response to each classmate should be at least 1 complete paragraph (5-8 sentences). Be sure to include an MLA style citation for your chosen essay at the end of your discussion post and use in-text citations for ALL quotes and examples from the text. Since these discussions are less formal than the writing assignments, you may use first person (I, we, us, our) but second person (you, your, you’re) is NOT appropriate.

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