Draw an ERD for Star Hoist company. (follow instructions on

Draw an ERD for Star Hoist company. (follow instructions on drawing the diagram as described above). The fundamental need for Star Hoist is a computer database to keep track of their in-house inventory and of installed parts. Because the business offers negotiated warranties with customers, all parts installed at customer sites need to be tracked. Each part instance is identified by a number assigned by Ella, but because a particular part might come from the original manufacturer or an alternative supplier, the database must record the source of each part and its sup-plier’s part number. In general, a part has adescription and standard prices that Star Hoist charges a customer for the part and its installation. Each instance of the part has a cost to Star, based on what the supplier actually charged when Star Hoist acquired that part (many parts, due to their materials, have frequent price changes). Each particular part instance must be tracked, whether it is in inventory or sold to a particular customer. When a part is sold to a customer, there is a negotiated warranty end date, until which time Star assumes all replacement costs for the part, and an actual selling and installation price. Customers have a name, account number, contact per-son name, and a code that specifies special terms that have been negotiated with each customer. Each supplier has a name,Star’s account number with that supplier, and the phone number for the supplier. Each supplier can supply only certain parts. Because many parts can be sourced from multiple suppliers, each part in inven-tory or installed at a customer must be associated with its source supplier; in addition, Star also needs to know which suppliers can supply which parts. Because many of the parts are very expensive, Darth has placed a limit on how many part instances of a given part can be held in thecompany’s inventory. The limit is three part instances to be held in inventory. As Darth tells the customers, “May the fourth be with you.”

Tip: don’t assume things, or argue if it should be one way or another. Simply document what you are given and decipher the number and type of entities from the problem. Then, make relationships given the rules that are given. Lastly, fill in the attributes. (16 points, 9pts entities and attributes, 7 points relationships and cardinalities)

** Please paste all images of ERDs into one document. You can add notes/answers and save as PDF.       ** Thank you!

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