Week 3 Discussion


This  week, locate an article on family roles across cultures.  Use the NSU  library system which will offer you a wide variety of scholarly  full-text articles in those areas. Include bibliographic information in  APA format (author, year, title, journal, etc.) so your classmates may  also locate it, if desired.  Provide a brief critique of the article and  what impressed you about it, especially if the information is new to  you.

Discussion Post Week 5

After completing your readings on student learning and school-family partnerships:

Identify the school-families policies used in your school district and reflect on the procedures’ effectiveness.

Week 6 Discussion

Discussion question:

Engaging families in decision making is considered essential for effective collaboration.  Take a moment to reflect on collaborative decision making experiences. Which ones have you participated? What have been the main “take aways” from those experiences?

Week 7 Discussion

Read Chapter 14 “Seeing the Big Picture: Creating a School Climate that Strengthens Family-School Connections.”  Do you agree with the authors in their ideas of “changing assumptions about teaching”? Give reasons why you agree or disagree.