Classroom Management Presentation will include the following:

Slides 1-2.          Introduction:   

Introduce yourself; Then discuss your rationale and philosophy regarding education.  This could include how you view yourself in terms of Psychoanalytic, Ecological, Humanistic and Behavioral.

Slides 3-5:          Procedures:

What types of classroom rules and responsibilities do you require to make your classroom a safe and effective place to learn and grow: ( I have listed a few ideas below but you may add these in any order or even join a few of these items as you see fit for your presentation.)

1. What does the daily flow look like; I do this everyday
Daily journal writing, Reading, math, social studies, and science.

2. how you manage student work; include timer and whatever else

3. transitions between activities; include I use brain break activities

4. your classroom rules and how they align with your rationale;

5. consequences for appropriate and inappropriate behavior;

6. transitions between activities,

7. homework, including daily math and spelling word hw except Friday

8. testing -include reading, math, and spelling test every Friday

9. restroom procedures-include When school first start, before lunch, after lunch and before dismissal if necessary.

10. dismissal

Slides 6-7:          Student Diversity

Be sure your slide addresses the accommodations and differentiation of tasks that you provide in order to meet the the needs of student diversity in the classroom, along with varying levels of ability. Be sure to address the need for respect for the diversity of students’ cultural, linguistic, and family background.

Slide 8:    
The Home-School Connection: 

How will you inform parents and how can they best communicate with you.

      Slide 9:    An inspiring/happy Concluding Slide



This Presentation could be your Open House Presentation to Parents or your first day of school presentation to your students.