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 Before starting this assignment, please make sure to review pages

 Before starting this assignment, please make sure to review pages 3-7 & 21-38 from the text, as well as the YouTube clip provided. 

Required Text: 

Basic Biostatistics: Statistics for Public Health Practice, 2nd ed. by Gerstman, B. Burt, ISBN: 9781284036015/ EBook ISBN: 978-1284066210 

In at least 500 words, put the term “Biostatistics” in your own words. Why is there a need for data organization? Further, what are some key differences between Surveys and Comparative Studies? Use at least one example from a scholarly source found in the Monroe Online Library to assist with these definitions.     

Make sure to site your sources. Please see the Source Guides in the “Start Here” folder of our course. 

Note: Please save your document as your first initial last name Assignment Type (John Smith’s submission would be titled – JSmithWriting1). Upload your assignment here.

**This assignment maps to Learning Objective #1**

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