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Assignment #1: Write an essay of 600-900 words in response

Assignment #1: Write an essay of 600–900 words in response to one
or more of these texts. In the essay, please refer to some specific
statements that you consider significant
. (An upcoming lesson on
“quoting” should help you do so.) Also, please briefly tell us about some
specific texts that have mattered to you. I’d prefer that you refer to
“literary” texts, but we’ll also be discussing other options. Feel free to
attach a page or two of any favorite readings when you hand this in. Might we
use a few of them in future assignments? Absolutely!!  

=The grading “criteria” are meant
to be simple. Write at least 600 words; make sure to make specific references
to the reading(s) you select; make sure to “quote” at least twice; make sure to
tell us about what YOU read—and let’s all please get this done on-time!

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