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     Answering questions with details as much as you can. What kind

Answering questions with details as much as you can.

What kind of feedback have you received about your writing in the past?  How helpful was this feedback and why was it helpful (or not)?

  • How does writing help you learn new ideas and information?  If you don’t think writing helps you learn, why not?
  • What do you currently know about rhetoric and/or genre?  Where did you learn this information (previous classes, some other context)?
  • How do you usually tackle a writing assignment?  What steps do you follow in your process?  

Part Two: Our Course Theme

  • What did you already know about the Gothic genre, before starting this class?
  • What is your favorite dark story or a memory involving the Gothic?
  • If you’re not into Gothic stories per se, do you enjoy reading/watching stories involving myths, legends, fantasy, science fiction, or other “speculative fiction”?  Why or why not?  
  • Based on the assigned reading you’ve done so far, what are your current impressions of the Gothic genre and its conventions? 
  • At this stage, what do you think may end up being useful, fascinating, or surprising about Gothic tales?
  • What aspects of the Gothic  do you want to talk about with your classmates, as a class, in groups, one-on-one?   
  • What kinds of images, music, movies/tv, websites, podcasts, videos, or other texts would you like to study in relation to our course theme?
  • At this stage, what questions do you have about the Gothic genre?
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