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After giving some thought to any specific action plan(s) to

After giving some thought to any specific action plan(s) to be encouraged, the other key part of this assignment is to choose an appropriate mode for how this advocacy might work (e.g., oral, written, visual, digital, live, online, recorded, etc.).

You will be given an opportunity to justify your choice of mode, so the choice itself needs to be a rhetorically sound, deliberate, and based on the conditions under which the desired audience will encounter the advocacy piece. Examples include a short video, a speech/public talk of some sort, a podcast, a brief written appeal to be placed in an appropriate venue, a visual flyer or poster, some sort of flash performance, etc.

The aims of this assignment are twofold: 1) to demonstrate an awareness of what constitutes effective advocacy (e.g., its differences from persuasion), and 2) to show a strong awareness of the rhetorical benefits of different modes of communication,as well as their weaknesses.

Part 1

Topic and Mode Rationale: You will submit a topic with a 200-word rationale for the mode of choice (with at least 3cited sources) detailing why the issue is relevant to public policy and the mode of choice is being chosen. MY CHOSEN TOPIC IS THE STIGMA AGAINST MENTAL ILLNESS. NEED DONE IN 12 HOURS OR LESS

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