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250-500 words 4 hours $3 usd  Discussion Topic: A 2013 study (State

250-500 words 4 hours $3 usd 

Discussion Topic:

A 2013 study (State of St. Louis Workforce) found that a lack of communication skills and poor work ethic, along with a lack of critical thinking and problem solving skills, were the biggest shortcomings of job applicants – far outpacing a lack of technical skills such as math and computer. This study was focusing on millennials, the generation born between 1979 – 1994. There are numerous articles and research studies that suggest that the communication skills of this generation are severely lacking. Since the workplace is made up of workers from multiple generations, it is important that those entering the workplace know how to communicate across generations. 

Conduct a brief internet search on this topic and think about the tools and techniques that you (personally) use when communicating. 

How will you need to adjust your communication techniques to communicate across generations? 

Do you agree with the stereotypes given to the millennial generation? 

Submission Format:

  • One original post
  • Cite any sources used. 
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