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1,000 word informative speech outline. Remember your outline will include:

1,000 word informative speech outline.  Remember your outline will include: 

1. Scholarly sources–At least 3 sources from scholarly publications (like New England Journal of American Medicine), books, etc. 

2. Internal citations –At the end of cited information, your outline should include the source where that information came from. You will need the author’s last name and page number.  If there are multiple authors, choose the first author listed and the page number. 

Here’s an example: 

Researchers say by 2050, the world will likely contain nearly 6 million units of CO2 per square mile. (Richardson, 45) 

3. Strong introductory section (Attention Getter, introduction, thesis statement, preview of main points) 

4. Strong explanation of the main points 

5. Strong conclusion 

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