1. Complete one Medication Concept Map for the selected drug classes

· Include the following sections for each Medication Concept Map.

· Medication – Medication Type

· Category Class – Drug class

· Expected Pharmacological Mechanism of Action

· Therapeutic Uses

Contraindications (minimum 3)

· Medication Administration

· Complications (minimum 3)

· Nursing Specific Interventions/Implications (minimum 3)

· Interactions (minimum 3)

· Client Education (minimum 3)

· Evaluation of Medication Effectiveness

· Use appropriate resources and ideas to support topic with APA references.

· Fewer than three unique errors in grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and/or spelling are present and if handwritten information is legible.

2. Concept map template is on the final page of this guideline.

For writing assistance (APA, formatting, or grammar) visit the Writing Center.


Nursing Specific Interventions/Implications (minimum 3)

Client Education (minimum 3)

Medication Administration (Dose and Route)

Medication Name (Generic Name) and Type

Drug Class

Therapeutic Uses (Indications)

Complications (minimum 3)

Interactions (minimum 3)

Contraindications (minimum 3)

Expected Pharmacological Mechanism of Action (How it Works)


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